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Our Mission

1. Integrity: You can rely on our commitment to your needs.
  We are in business for the long term and believe that reputations are built by consistently doing things right. All our actions are done to preserve and enhance our reputation.
2. Service: Responding to your needs with timely solutions.
  We realize that your business depends on our continuing support. Service is more than just listening to your problems; it is accepting responsibility for providing a solution.
3. Partnership: Accepting your input to benefit our product.
  Integrity Software is not looking for customers. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships so that together we can continually improve our products for the Sleep Products industry. By joining with us you are ensuring your input will be heard.

About Us

The Principles of ISS are Bill Seres and Richard Braunberger who have 10 years experience directly within the Sleep Products Industry. They have an inside view of the specific needs and requirements of an effective software program to aid in the success of a Sleep Products manufacturing company.

Bill Seres

Bill received his Chartered Accountant designation (equivalent to CPA in USA) in 1984. He left public practice to go into industry early in his career. During the next five years he worked in three different industries on five different industry specific software packages. He also oversaw three computer installations during this time.

With the knowledge and experience gained during his years in industry, Bill decided to become a self-employed consultant. Bill’s consulting business revolved around determining the computer software needs of his clients as they related to management and information systems - finding the software that best fit those needs, and then implementing that system in the most efficient manner possible.

Richard Braunberger

Richard received a Certificate in Electronic Technology in 1979 and a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in 1984 as an engineer specializing in control electronics. Between 1979 and 1987 he gained experience in a variety of industries, with several companies, including IBM. This experience ranged from the design of scientific instrumentation to providing technical interface between suppliers and their customer.

Richard became self-employed in 1987, providing both hardware and software design and development services for his clients. The software he designed has ranged from on-line catalog systems to industrial inventory control systems.

The Partnership

Bill Seres and Richard Braunberger merged their unique and complementary qualifications to create Integrity Software. Their objective: to write the best software package available to the Sleep Products industry, in a true Windows environment.

In the past they had designed industry-specific software together, and created add-on features to enhance usability for their customers. Many of those innovative solutions and approaches have been incorporated into Freedom © for Bedding putting it at the forefront in user friendliness and power.

Bill and Richard have built a successful team of professionals dedicated to serving the needs of their clients in the Sleep Products industry.
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